Tree Removal

Although trees offer many benefits, they can sometimes become dangerous or worrisome. If this is the case, we have the expertise to resolve all tree removal situations. Whether the tree is rotten, lodged in another tree, fallen on a roof or in a backyard with very limited space, we have all the equipment needed to remove the tree safely and gently.


While we don’t want to cut down trees for no reason, there are many reasons why a tree could be cut down, here are some examples:


If a tree is diseased, dead or damaged, it may pose a danger to surrounding people and property. In these cases, removing the tree is often the best option to prevent accidents.

Land development

When land is being developed for roads, buildings or industrial areas, it may be necessary to cut down trees to make room.


Trees may need to be felled for timber or fuelwood production.

Aesthetic reasons

Sometimes trees may be felled for aesthetic reasons, for example to improve the view or to create space for other plantings.


Arboris uses several techniques to cut down a tree depending on its size, location and surrounding obstacles. Here are some of the most common techniques:

Abattage 3

Directional felling

This is the most common method. It involves felling the tree in one swoop in a specific direction. This technique is usually used when the tree is in an open area with no obstacles.

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This technique is used when the tree is near buildings, power lines or other obstacles. It consists of cutting the tree into sections, starting at the top and working down to the base.

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This technique is used to remove trees that are in hard-to-reach locations. An arborist climbs the tree and cuts it down in sections. Each section is then lowered by rope or crane to prevent damage.

It is important to note that felling trees can be dangerous and requires appropriate skills and equipment. It is therefore recommended that you hire professionals to perform this task.

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