Tree Planting

The key to successful tree planting is to choose tree species that can easily adapt to the selected site. We offer site evaluation, selection of quality nursery trees, transportation, tree planting, mulching and stake installation (if needed) with a guarantee of success. We also offer relocation of large trees (up to 8 inches in diameter at the stump).


It is important to use experts when planting trees to ensure healthy and sustainable tree growth. Here are some reasons why it is recommended to use experts:

Selecting the right species

Experts can help you choose the right tree species for your area and terrain. They can take into account factors such as climate, soil, sunlight and available space to help select the tree species that are most likely to thrive in your area.

Site preparation

Experts can prepare the planting site by removing weeds, digging the right size planting holes and amending the soil to encourage tree growth.

Proper planting

Experts know how to plant trees properly by following techniques such as planting at the right depth, watering properly and providing supports for young trees.

Post-planting care

Experts can provide advice on post-planting tree care, such as watering, pruning and fertilizing, to ensure healthy, sustainable growth.

Avoiding common mistakes

Experts can avoid common mistakes when planting trees, such as planting trees too deep or planting the wrong species for your area, which can cause long-term tree growth and health problems.

Ultimately, enlisting the help of experts when planting trees can help you create a healthy, sustainable landscape that provides aesthetic, ecological and economic benefits to your property and community.

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