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The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certification in arboriculture is a professional accreditation that is awarded to arborists who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and expertise in the field of arboriculture. This certification is widely recognized in the arboriculture industry and is considered a quality standard for arboriculture professionals.

To become ISA certified, arborists must pass a rigorous exam that covers a range of topics, such as tree health assessment, pruning, felling, risk management and environmental protection. Candidates must also have experience working in the arboriculture industry and follow a professional code of ethics.

Arboriculture ISA certification is an important quality standard in the arboriculture industry that can help ensure the safety, quality and sustainability of arboriculture work.


Hiring a certified arborist can offer many benefits for the health and safety of your trees, as well as your property. Here are some reasons why you should hire a certified arborist:

Professional Expertise:

Certified arborists have many years of experience in the field and have undergone specialized arboriculture training and passed rigorous exams to become certified. They have the professional expertise to accurately assess the health of your trees, determine appropriate care and recommend best management practices.


Certified arborists have been trained in arboriculture safety best practices, which can reduce the risk of injury to workers and customers. They also use appropriate safety equipment to ensure the safety of people and property around them.

Quality of Work:

Certified arborists are committed to providing quality work and following industry standards for tree care. They are also required to follow a professional code of ethics, which means they must comply with local arboriculture rules and regulations.

Specialized Equipment:

Certified Arborists have the specialized equipment necessary to perform arboriculture work safely and efficiently. This may include tools such as ropes, harnesses, chainsaws and pruners, as well as machinery for processing woody debris.


Certified arborists are generally insured against accidents and damage that may occur during arboriculture work. This provides additional protection for clients in the event of an incident or damage.

Hiring a certified arborist can offer peace of mind and confidence that your trees are in good hands and will be cared for in a professional and responsible manner.


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