Dutch Elm Disease

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Dutch elm disease is a fatal disease of elm trees caused by the fungus, Ophiostoma novo-ulmi . This fungus grows only in elm trees and is responsible for the death of millions of elms.

Originally from Asia, the Ophiostoma novo-ulmi fungus was imported to Europe, where Dutch researchers were the first to isolate it (hence the Dutch elm disease name). It was later imported into the United States where it has spread throughout its range of native elms, and is now also widespread throughout Canada.

Arbotect® 20-S is a systemic fungicide formulated with Thiabendazole and is applied through a process called macro-infusion. Arbotect 20-S is the only scientifically proven fungicide that provides multi-year protection from Dutch Elm Disease. Arbotect® 20-S is now available in Canada.

Macro-infusion rapidly introduces a large volume of solution directly into a tree’s vascular system. Macro-infusion delivers complete and even distribution of solution throughout the tree’s canopy, which provides for predictable results.

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